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Regional Matters

Business initiatives & issues in the Mid West

Discover the key ideas, projects and issues the Mid West Chamber of Commerce & Industry are tackling on behalf of our members across the Mid West region.

Need support with an issue, project or idea?

Do you have a project, issue, industry-wide matter or regional growth idea? As the business voice for the region, the Mid West Chamber of Commerce & Industry will support and represent members in a range of contexts. No matter your business size, our professional team will work with you to acheive your regional business goals.

Advocacy services

Did you know our members can access FREE advocacy services to support a range of business matters?

Whether you are seeking a free consultation for a simple one-off matter or seeking in-depth advocacy requiring consultation with multiple stakeholders and a communications plan, we have a suitable support package available.

Talk to the right people

Whether you’re intending to start or bring a business to the Mid West, or you’re established and looking for the right support, the Mid West Chamber of Commerce & Industry can ensure you talk to the right people.