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Our Direction


The Mid West region is a great place to live and work.


To build a platform of business culture.


Purpose is absolutely core to any business or organisation. As a member-based organisation, purpose is at the forefront of our everyday thinking. Our purpose defines what we do, how we do it and is the passion that drives us all to grow our region, support our members and promote resilience. 

Our Purpose:

“To connect business with opportunity.”

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We will each hold ourselves accountable for the delivery of our Purpose, Mission & Values at all times. We will actively address problems and opportunities as we encounter them. 


Honesty, respect and trust underpin our work. We will conduct all our business with honesty and in compliance with all laws, rules and regulations. We will promote ethical conduct in all our transactions. We will value the safety of all individuals. 


Shared prosperity and inclusiveness. We will pursue collaboration opportunities; knowledge and networks to attain outcomes of benefit for our members, the region and the Mid West CCI. 


Commitment to care. We will facilitate sustainable growth and progress of the Mid West CCI, our members and the region by promoting and providing education, long-term planning and monitoring; and informed decision making.