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Member Benefits

Lobbying & Advocacy

  • The MWCCI represents all of our members as a united voice when engaging with local, state and federal governments.
  • Representation through the state wide body of the Regional Chambers of Commerce and Industry WA which comprises of 36 regional Chambers and collectively approx 6500 regional businesses.
  • CEO represents the business interests at the Mid-West Strategic Infrastructure Group, Mid West Workforce Development Alliance, City of Greater Geraldton Sister City Committee and similar forums.
  • MWCCI advocates on behalf of the business community in discussions with local shires on issues that affect businesses.
  • Joint collaboration and representation with other regional chambers on issues of common interest.
  • Provides an avenue for Government to come to, to consult on issues, plans and strategies that could impact on the Mid-West business community.

Lobbying & Advocacy

  • The MWCCI is recognised within, Local, State & Federal Government as a legitimate lobby group for business within our region and again state wide though RCCIWA.
  • Lobby’s Government on important infrastructure, services government programs required to enable the region to grow and prosper e.g. the need to keep Royalties for Regions in its current form helping our local communities (many examples of projects funded by R4R in Geraldton, Carnarvon, Yalgoo)
  • Lobbying and collaboration with local government and key stakeholders to promote support of industry and business growth and to achieve policy and regulations that support business e.g. retail trading regulation, rates and taxes, reducing red tape.


  • The MWCCI fosters an environment for our members to build mutually beneficial and lasting business relationships through varied events:
    • Annual Mid-West Economic and Resources Summit,
    • Annual Business Excellence Awards,
    • Business Workshops & Forums throughout the year,
    • BAHs events to network in Geraldton.
  • Providing events to network with other businesses in our region (Perenjori, Mingenew, Morawa)
  • Encourage inclusiveness and participation in the business community of the Mid-West
  • Dual membership option with OBN provides networking opportunities across borders.


  • Through various channels the MWCCI keeps members abreast of what is happening in the region.
  •  Weekly send out hits over 1000 emails and contains generic information pertinent to all business and the sectors within the region.
  •  MWCCI Facebook page and LinkedIn provides members with timely, relevant information such as notice of tenders, training sessions, events and recent actions in which Chamber staff are actively working on members’ behalf.
  • Providing information about upcoming events & training available.
  • Providing information on the economic activity of the region, which impacts on member’s clients.
  • Provides a point of contact for new businesses wanting to come into our region.
  • Keeps a focus on the Government activities that are occurring and how they could affect our region, and informing the business community of these activities when there is a potential threat or opportunity.
  • Provides briefings on projects and assists connection with major projects in the region.


  • MWCCI’s arrangements with GWN, 96.5 and 98.1, Geraldton Guardian and the Business directory provide discounted promotional opportunities.
  • MWCCI events can be sponsored by local businesses giving direct exposure to local market (business people).
  • Provides a single point of contact if the community want to contact businesses.
  • Advertising within MWCCI newsletters, and now other social media opportunities, provide cost effective market exposure
  • MWCCI promotes the region to visitors, which encourages investment in our region, which helps us all
  • MWCCI promotes and facilitates the use of local business services to large corporates that come into our region for projects.


  • Provides training opportunities at a shared cost with other members to make it more affordable
  • Seeks out training opportunities for small business to meet our requirements as they arise.
  • Dual membership arrangement with CCIWA membership provides support services in HR, IR, OHS – MWCCI Members with 100 or less employees receive free CCIWA Membership valued at $880.
  • Businesses having over 100 employees are offered a 50% discount on a full CCIWA Membership $1650.
  • The MWCCI network offers significant savings for members including accommodation, advertising in the Chamber Directory, Who’s Who in the Mid-West Business Publication and savings on attendance costs to industry events such as the Economic Summit, Mid-West International Mining Forum and Business Excellence Awards. Preferential Member pricing for our main events save you approximately $250 annually.
  • Supports the Buy Local philosophy and reminds the business community to do it also.
  • Provides an avenue for businesses to come and discuss their business issues and get some direction of where to go to, to get help to solve problems.