COVID-19: Business Support

Get the latest COVID support & information

We’re helping Mid West businesses stay afloat with access to current information on health & safety, financial support and operational tips.

Whilst we understand that each business faces its own challenges, these key areas can help your business survive and  protect you, your family and the community.

We will be regularly updating this post with new information as it becomes available.

We are here to help our Mid West business survive and thrive; we want our community to come through this COVID 19 pandemic. We welcome you to call at the Mid West Chamber of Commerce and Industry if you have questions or concerns on any of the above.

If there is further information you would like to see there, please let us know. We want our members to have ready information that they can trust.

We will be updating this document ongoing as the information comes to hand.

Keep your social distancing, self-isolate if possible and stay safe!

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